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Scotland is amazing, and as a I sit here, in the hotel bar overlooking Edinburgh Castle, I wonder what it would be like to live abroad, among the Scottish, maybe French or Italian. But, something draws me back home. I miss my family, friends, co-workers, dogs, and most of all home. A holiday is wonderful, but it’s also wonderful to have neighbors who know your history and friends who will invite you over for dinner at the last minute.

A few things I’d like to highlight from the trip:

  • Trying haggis for the first time in Edinburgh
  • Experiencing amazing Scottish castles from more than a few centuries ago
  • Seeing magpie fights in the Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Catching a Scottish rainbow in Isle of Skye
  • Learning about the Scottish history from an amazing tour guide
  • Hiking Ben Nevis in Fort Williams and the convenience of having a tavern at the base of the mountain
  • Drinking a few pints in an 18th century Scottish pub in Oban

All in all, a wonderful week. Highly suggested as a destination for those back home (and those reading this blog).

“Lang may yer lum reek”

And, Happy Easter everyone..