We left Inverness this morning a little late due to the long day the morning before. Then, off to Fort William to hike Ben Nevis, currently a snow-capped mountain. We arrived within about two hours and Jim found an off-beaten track somehow and we were off. Ben Nevis is about 4,400 feet high, the highest in the British Isles. The path was extremely well-kept and we loved watching the snow-capped mountains and the sheep from afar. We learned yesterday that the black-headed sheep are Scottish and the white ones are English…interesting. After a few hours I tired, but JTB kept hiking while I waited in our compact car in the parking lot. He eventually climbed the snow-capped mountain, but eventually turned back due to the snow falling and wind bracing.

Around 3:30, we headed towards this very unexpected hostel / backpacker / beer place at the end of the trail where we had a lovely lunch and beer. It was so unexpected and the place was packed.

Then off to Oban (pronounced “Oh Bun”). We hit a lovely Scottish tavern from the 18th century and stayed there for awhile. Right now, we’re sitting in the hotel bar at the Royal Hotel listening to a drummer, accordion player, and bagpiper playing some wonderful Scottish tunes. We’re really going to miss this place.

Unfortunately, my camera is acting up, so I only have the below picture from today…