with as many things as possible. A great quote from one of my favorite movies Country Strong. Ignore the boozing and sleeping around and get down to the real theme that they were trying to get across: that love and fame can’t always exist in the same world. That’s why I choose to love everything around me and find beauty in life.

It’s not hard to fall in love with this country with the strong brogue, gorgeous kilts, beautiful land, and delectable whisky. We had a wonderful tour guide today to visit the Isle of Skye. We started from Inverness and within a half hour we were visiting the notable Loch Ness on the quest to try and find Nessie. Apparently, she was first spotted in 565 AD and then not until 1933. There is a famous photograph of her (by the way, why is a monster always a “her”?), but they think that she might just be (or was) a large eel. Then, off to Eilan Donan Castle just south of Loch Ness. Just beautiful. A scene for many movies, including Elizabeth. Then, finally on to the Isle of Skye, a spectacular part of the country. All in all, about 300 miles round trip, a 12 hour day, but so worth it and so much to find breathtaking. If you get the chance, check out Danny Macaskill’s video of him professionally riding his bike across the mountains in Isle of Skye. Or, check out Mairi Campbell’s version of Auld Lang Syne (also a Robert Burns poem). It will make your eyes glisten and heart long for something dear.

All in all, a wonderful country and makes you appreciate all that’s beautiful in this world. And, it also makes you appreciate the things or experiences you already have. I realized today how wonderful my husband was when he interrupted my rainbow photograph and decided to replace it with a faux pot o’ gold (see below pic). He just wanted to make a smile and I loved that.