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About an hour north of Edinburgh are the towns of St. Andrews and Dundee. We drove there with a stick shift, on the left-hand side of the road. A little stressful, but we made it. St. Andrews boasts the world of golf, holding the British Open there every year. If anyone loves golf, it’s definitely the place to be. No personal pictures taken, however here are some photos from Google. We had a wonderful conversation with a local wine shop owner, where he told us the history of the town and what to see in our next stop of Dundee.

Off to Dundee, about 15 miles north of St. Andrews. The wine shop owner mentioned to us that there’s not a ton of cultural happenings in the town, but it was wonderful to walk the University of Dundee and visit the local pubs, having a few Belhavens. We tried to visit a hip restaurant near the university, however after waiting at our table for 15 minutes, we decided to leave, because no service was to be had. About a half mile away, Jim saw a restaurant and said “Gray hair, they know good food”, so we decided to frequent. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we’re at that age where we’re more interested in finding good food and great service over finding the new and up and coming thing. A-ok in my book. We also tried an Irn-Bru, often described as “Scotland’s other national drink” (after whisky). It was pretty yummy, kinda tasted like bubble gum.

It’s about 9AM here in Dundee right now and we’re headed on a quest to find Nessie, near Inverness, this morning. Bon voyage!