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Granted, we’ve only been in tbe country for less than 24 hours, however my first blog post here is called “Scottifrass”. What’s “Scottifrass”you might ask? It’s a combination of being Scottish and having some major sassafrass. More to come on that in a bit.

We arrived around 10:30 this morning (5:30 east coast time), both of us being wiped out by the tight quarters of British Airways, screaming kids, and coughing fits of close passengers. Clearing customs, we went to the Airlink buses to grab a ride to downtown Edinburgh. The bus was packed with tourists and the driver had a look of “don’t mess with me today”, so I kept my mouth shut and stood in the corner. The bus kept on getting more and more full until finally I didn’t think we could fit even another feather on the bus. The second stop arrived and two folks from England had to get off. They had a tough time and other folks were walking up the stairs to get out of their way. The bus driver gave them a little ‘tude, then a lot of ‘tude. The gentleman getting off from England gave it right back to her and they went back and forth quite a bit. Finally he said to her “Swallow it, why don’tcha?” and without a moment’s hesitation, she fired right back “Swallow me, why don’t you sir?”and with a pull of the bus handle, she said “G’day” and placed her foot on the pedal. Jim and I both looked at each other, eyebrows braised, and gave a slight chuckle. Women here, apparently, can hold their own. Already, I feel at home.

Off to grab a beer (or two) at a local pub and then to see the iconic Edinburgh Castle, some scarf shopping, St Giles’ Church to light a few candles, and then to see some wonderful street performers. They performed some stuff that you definitely can’t away with in the states…it was wonderfully delicious!

It’s about 5PM here now, so we’ll grab some grub and head in for the night (been a long day). Another day of Edinburgh tomorrow.