It was a late night last night partying with family in North San Diego, so we all slept in this morning. We all went on our own way this morning, some to the beach, some to Farenheit 451, a great bookstore in Carlsbad, CA. A little nap and Chardonnay later, we found ourselves back at the rented house in Vista, CA. Grilled hot dogs, chicken, mac and cheese, pool, pinball, ping pong, and hot tubs were in abundance as we all celebrated the pre-wedding shenanigans for uncle Joe and Julie’s wedding tomorrow in Carlsbad.

After dinner, Philip, Patrick and Maria and I all came up a haiku that sums up our day:

Searching for old books
Boys go to hit the white ball
San Diego bliss

After drinking a few sips of William Hill, we’re listening to Ray Charles and winding down for the night. We’re super excited for Joe and Julie’s wedding tomorrow in Carlsbad. Till tomorrow…