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Another great slogan from Skydive Wanaka. Being in marketing makes you appreciate these tremendously! What a day. This was the fourth skydive for me and it didn’t disappoint. The town of Wanaka is about 1 1/4 hours from Queenstown and it’s where quite a few New Zealanders go on holiday. There were many skydiving places to choose from, including NZone (I guess it’s really famous), however I wanted to try something a little off the beaten path, so Skydive Wanaka was the place to be!


We left around 1:30pm from downtown Queenstown and headed up the very hilly climb to Wanaka. The day was beautiful, only a few clouds in the sky, about 80 degrees. You really couldn’t have asked for a better day. Upon check-in, I decided at the last minute to get the Handi-Cam for a video of the adventure. Not sure when (or if) we’ll be back in New Zealand, so I decided “what the heck?”. We made the climb up to 10,000 feet and my stomach wasn’t feeling so well. I started to get real nervous, twitching in my seat, constantly adjusting things, thinking about turning back. Then I remembered a little saying that my ma used to say “You can rest when you’re dead”. A little morbid, but it really struck a cord with me. Take life to its fullest because you never know when it’ll be your last. And, I’m also experiencing something that not a lot of people get to see. Plus, I think that it’s important to push the limit because it’s how you grow. So, finally at 12,000 feet, the door swung open and a first-timer jumped out into the friendly skies with her tandem instructor. It was probably about 20 degrees cooler up there and the wind felt fantastic. I briefly looked down and saw multiple lakes, mountains (including Mt. Cook!, which had snow-topped peaks), and spectacular scenery. With hands clasped to my harness, we fell at 200kph. Look at the video and you can see a super contorted face and a few swear words being uttered. Nothing really compares to free-falling for that 45 seconds. It’s like a natural high, where you feel no pressure, no commitment, no worries, just pure heaven. Finally, the parachute opened and we glided down to the ground in about 6 minutes. Immediately upon landing, I felt like I wanted to go up again. Strange, but true! Till the next time…

While skydiving, JTB did a really strenuous hike up the Ben Lomond trail. He was gone for about 6 hours and said that he saw quite a few people and a few goats too!

We met each other around 7:30pm and headed to Winnies for some pizza and beer. A great day for both and we fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.