A slogan from one of our favorite beers in Vermont, Long Trail. We definitely did that today by hiking Queenstown Mountain. On a side note, has anyone climbed The Long Trail in VT?  Thinking about doing this as a big trip next summer, but would love any feedback!

We got started a little late, however it was a spectacular hike, about 2 1/2 hours. If anyone knows JTB, he always has to be the fastest and first to get anywhere. Me, I like to take my time and enjoy hidden inlets and take interesting photos. Here’s a panorama video of it from the top:

and a personalized cairn that the hub built for me on the trail.


It was REALLY windy at the top and it started to rain, so we immediately made the trek back into town, but not before we saw this sign. Maybe kinda corny, but I thought it was inspirational.


It’s Saturday here and they have this great arts and crafts market where they sell local artisan’s works. A few purchases later and we found ourselves at a local restaurant for a light salad and tasty beer.

The internet here is really spotty, so I’m trying to use the connection when everyone is in town (it’s about 3PM here). We’ll take a little snooze-a-rooz before heading back into town for dinner.

Skydiving in Wanaka is tomorrow around 1:30. Hot damn! A little skeered, to be honest (that’s the made up Mo terminology that says you’re more scared than scared, but still super excited). JTB will probably rent a bike and tour the countryside while I’m away. Looking forward to the adventure.