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We really are in Lord of the Rings country. The trilogy was filmed entirely here and one can see why. The scenery is truly breathtaking.

The day started early at 5:30. We made the long trek (4 hours) towards Milford Sound. We left before sunrise and didn’t get to truly appreciate the scenery until after 7AM. We learned that Milford Sound was incorrectly named because a “Sound” is formed by rivers and a “Fjord” or “Fiord” is formed by glaciers. So, it really should be called “Milford Fjord”. On average, they have approximately 200 rainy days per year and this day was one of them. After exiting Homer Tunnel (a huge tunnel carved into the mountain), we came across the fjords. Since it has been raining so much here, there were waterfalls EVERYWHERE! We also learned that after it stops raining, the waterfalls dry up within about 4-6 hours. We were actually lucky to witness such breathtaking views.IMG_0920



Here’s a short video to show you the waterfalls in action:

We left around 1PM and headed back to Queenstown (about 5 hours). The weather cleared up tremendously, so we decided to turn off at one of the pit stops for a cool photo op:

Overlooking Lake Wakatipu

Overlooking Lake Wakatipu

We were pretty tired when we got back, but we headed into town for some grub. Honestly, it was one of the worst meals we’ve ever had at Pub on Wharf. It was first come, first serve, you couldn’t eat at the bar (why is that in New Zealand?), you paid before the meals came out, the food was terrible, the bartenders were rude, and they had misspelled so many things! See below pic:


Sorry, that’s all the negativity for the rest of the trip (just couldn’t believe it!).

A cool hike is in store for tomorrow. Location: to be determined!