A greeting in New Zealand, which means “hi” or “be well/healthy” as well. It is also used as a farewell and thanking someone too. New Zealanders, in general, seem to be so nice. As we’re walking down the street, the locals smile, they actually smile and make eye contact! So strange. Honestly, it’s hard to get used to, but I really like it.

The day started out at “Bean Around The World“. JTB went there for a long white (coffee with milk) and a flat black (regular coffee, with nothing), then he made some yummy scrambled eggs with toast at our apartment.

After breakfast, we saw some wicked cool hang gliders outside of our apartment

Hang glider with my super zoom lens

Hang glider with my super zoom lens

After that, we walked around downtown. Does anyone know what this game is?

What game is this? Kudos to those who guess  correctly!

What game is this? Kudos to those who guess correctly!

We saw some ducks:


After that, it was raining wicked hard, so we went to some wineries on the outskirts of town. Here’s a photo of Jim at Chard Winery (in the mountains)


The clouds came in after that, so we decided to take the gondola ride up the mountain:

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu


Ignore the losers who have matching outfits (not planned as I’m borrowing Jim’s raincoat because I forgot mine) and look at the rainbow!

A nice Irish meal later and we’re looking forward to Milford Sound in the early morning.