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We headed to Martinborough (wine country) around 10 this morning and it took about an hour or so to get there. According to the local folk, Martinborough produces only 1% of New Zealand’s wine, but they win 10% of the awards. We immediately went to this great cafe in downtown called The Village Cafe where they serve local, umm, everything. It was delicious.

Super cool open sign

Super cool open sign

The town reminds me of a cross between Cheyenne, WY and Healdsburg, CA. Super quaint and down to earth and a very local feeling. After the cafe we headed to a few wineries including Murdoch James, Martinborough Vineyard (see picture of Paul, a retired school teacher who talked with us for at least 45 minutes – super nice). They also won an award a few years ago for best Pinot Noir in the world!,IMG_0634

Te Kairanga, and Colombo Winegrowers (meet Anne, painter / owner, and wine dog Rowe, who owns the operations of the vineyard).

Anne and Rowe

Anne and Rowe

Could totally see living in this town in years to come, but we’ll see (only an hour from Wellington!).

After driving back to Wellington, we immediately dropped off the car we rented and headed to see the birthplace of Katherine Mansfield. Unfortunately, her backyard is now a motorway…


After that, we walked to the Back-Bencher Pub & Cafe for dinner. The local politicians go here to cool down after a hot debate (Parliament is right next door) and the food was pretty good. The sun was shining on our faces through the windows and the local Chardonnay made us giddy. Following dinner, we headed down to the Foxglove on Queen’s Wharf for a night cap of cider (they love it here) and are finally calling it a night. The puppies (feet) are barking and we’ll rest before tomorrow’s escapades.