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My original post was going to be one of romanticism: watching “An Affair To Remember” with Deborah Kerr / Cary Grant, having a glass of wine 30,000 feet in the air at 2AM, and finally, watching the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean heading into Aukland. The 15 hour flight was wonderful and Air New Zealand was absolutely amazing. And then we entered customs at the Auckland airport.

On the airplane I filled out the declarations form which says that I’m not bringing anything illegal into the country (and a long list of other things) before signing my life away. Unbeknownst to me, I had forgotten that I had taken a banana at the Hilton in Houston and stuffed it in my bag underneath my camera and a blanket. I knew something was wrong when I saw the conveyor belt go back and forth and my bag was stuck in there. Immediately, my face went flush because I knew I had done something wrong. The darn banana! Being held at customs is not fun, not to mention the $400 I had to pay to the New Zealand government for my scoff-lawness. A few choice words later and furrowed brows from the hub, we were running with all luggage around the airport, trying to catch our connecting flight to Wellington. With 2 minutes to spare and multiple beads of sweat on the brow, we made it!

Being in Wellington now for a few hours, we’re already relaxed and are enjoying the laid-back atmosphere and super yummy food. We’re headed out to the Cuba District tonight for a light salad and to discuss the adventures for the next few days. Till tomorrow…