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We are Jim and Maura. We love to travel. We’re preparing for our next adventure, which begins on February 10. New Zealand, here we come!

A first time for both of us to NZ. We feel incredibly fortunate to be able to embark on such a trip. And, we’d like to write about our experiences for family and friends. Our goal is to write a recap of that day’s activities and post photos as well. First stop is to Houston to visit family and then a 15+ hour trip to Auckland. Unfortunately, no time will be spent in Auckland, but in two locations: Wellington (the capital), in the north island, and Queenstown, in the south island (see below maps). Based upon our research thus far, the two cities are quite different from one another. We anticipate great food and culture in Wellington and zip-lining through the trees in Queenstown.

texas_tx_state_map map_of_new-zealand

Jim and I have travelled to different locales and are amazed at the different cultures we experienced. Everything from the food, to the families, to the adventure, and to the scenery. We hope to experience the same in this next trip.

If you’d like to follow along, simply enter in your e-mail address on the left. If anyone’s curious, I did not take the gorgeous photo in the header. It’s of Mount Cook (the highest mountain in New Zealand), but hope to update the header and photo gallery with my own when we arrive.

2/10 – 2/23